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iPhone Anti-Spy: The ‘Black Screen’ Trick Will Make You Invisible From Usual Hackers |  Protect your data as much as possible

iPhone Anti-Spy: The ‘Black Screen’ Trick Will Make You Invisible From Usual Hackers | Protect your data as much as possible

iPhone: Here are the tricks to eliminate spies! (Web) –

The most important thing for all the users who own a smartphone is to protect their privacy from all the intruders.

And of course, all iPhone users also feel this need. There are many curious people. They specialize in trying to own what happens to others in everyday life. And even when it comes to the iPhone it is. We can say that there are a lot of spies around. This is kind of annoying.

Of course, on the smartphones in their possession, there are various ways to keep these people in check. There is TouchID or FaceID. Thanks to them, to unlock the smartphones of the Cupertino company, it is necessary to enter the biometric data of the owner, a fingerprint or a face. But more often than not, it happens that we forget to set these features.

Or, other times, it happens that you forgot your unlocked smartphone and there were people around. We may be moving away. This is a very tempting opportunity for those who can’t wait to get involved in other people’s business. However, you should know that iPhone offers users a great trick that will make you say goodbye to hackers permanently. We will see it together and tell you how to activate this amazing feature.

Yes, you get it right, there is a trick related to the Apple device that allows you to hide everything. And all this from the lock screen. Let’s get started right away because we can’t wait to reveal this super simple and quick trick to put into practice. The first option we want to tell you about notifications related to notifications and lock screen for your iPhone.

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To make sure that no one reads the notifications about the apps included in it, you just need to enter settings on your device and press notices. In this list, you will find the item Show previews. By default, the option is turned on on the iPhone always. Instead, you have to choose between when you open it And never.

iPhone: Here are the tricks to eliminate spies! (Web) –

In this way, the curious, even if they click on it, will not be able to read anything. But there is more. In fact, the iPhone provides another great opportunity. We can define it as ruthless revenge. Yes, because you can manage notifications on the lock screen, choosing their behavior for each installed app.

This way, those who like to peek into your life will read the notifications of some apps, but not the ones you want to keep secret. Isn’t that cool? To activate this option, you have to follow the same path that we saw before. You go inside settings then in noticesbut this time you have to click on it Notifications style. All apps will appear and, one by one, you can choose to disable their access on the lock screen.