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“They did everything they could to avoid themselves” - Libero Cottidiano

“They did everything they could to avoid themselves” – Libero Cottidiano

The Ambrosetti Forum A Chernobyl It ended with a discussion of the priorities for restarting after an infection. In the morning Luigi de Mayo spoke with a video message, after which they intervened Matteo Salvini, Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte, Minister Daniel Franco, Giancarlo Gierketti and Georgia Meloni. Until the end when it was the turn of the Home Minister Louisiana Lamorgis, Statements in a context Courier della seraSalvini had been arguing with her for some time about the landing of immigrants, “Attempts to make fun of: ‘Should I go? I’ll gladly stop, this is a provocative conflict.’ In fact, the two do everything to avoid each other: “Lamarges was careful not to climb on stage until those two were there, then he comes cautiously behind a black mask, while the politicians leave the room. Applause, nothing more. “

At the event, the President of the Brothers of Italy and the Secretary of the Society exchanged smiles and a little secluded chat. In conversation with them, Minister Georgette also wanted to be private, some time ago at the Villa de Este gardens in Chernobyl, where Meloni promised an edge with historians: “I don’t have a B plan. For the Coalition “.First of the Brothers in Italy,” I think this is an exceptional step for the majority Phi and Lega in favor of the Drake government. Governments of broad contracts simply cannot work because they are alternative visions. ” And I hope this applies to Forza Italia as well, and I am very confident In 2023 the center-right will go to the small ballot Who can rule the country with the consent of the citizens “

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To reporters who are still harassing her, the FDI number one, who was taken away by her staff, has made it clear that she can no longer stop with her. “We need to do something”. Then came “Good couple”, Salvini wrote on social media a Selfie Together with Meloni at the Chernobyl forum, it was filmed in the middle of a nice curtain in support of the cameras and photographers. “Government Technical Tests”, The Northern League leader joked, embraced Meloni and responded to the press asking how the chat went, but it did not go completely unnoticed.