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This is what happens if you pay late


What happens to someone who didn’t pay car tax in August? Let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Between the bills that have to be paid and the daily needs of various kinds, there are actually various expenses that have to be met on time. So it is not surprising that, unfortunately, there are many people who, also thanks to the impact of Covid, find themselves having to deal with the difficult management of Finance Personal. In this context, the costs that have the greatest impact on the family budget include those costsautomatic.

Insurance and maintenance costs and car tax. Just delving into the latter, we remind you that it must be paid every year by all those who own a car, and therefore inevitably ends up affecting the Pocket wallet for every motorist. But what happens to someone who didn’t pay car tax in August? Let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Car tax, what happens to those who didn’t pay for it in August: everything you need to know

There are many motorists who have decided to buy a new one thanks to the possibility of benefiting from many government incentives vehicle. At the same time, there were many who had to pay an amount Car tax is in August and ends on 8/31. But what happens to those who don’t respect that deadline? Well, you should know that there is a month to pay the car tax. Precisely for this reason, interested parties can provide proportional payment By September 30, 2021.

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If payment is not made even within the month following the classic deadline, it is possible for the payment to be made late, using the so-called active repentance. In practice, interest must be paid on arrears and fines, which increase with the increase in arrears. For example with a delay of 14 days, a file Punishment equals 0.1%. In the event of a delay of more than 90 days but less than a year, the penalty is 3.75%.

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Moreover, in the event that a lot of time has passed from the deadline and you have not paid the car tax, you risk facing serious consequences. First of all, you receive a push notification, and then you find yourself having to deal with an action compulsory collection. Other actions that can be performed include iL – administrative detention and the Reservation of the thing pledged from the current account.


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