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Big snow, we tell you when the conditions are for a big snow in Italy »

Weather: Big Snow We reveal when the conditions for a big snow in Italy will be

Excellent conditions for big snowItaly is increasingly likely to be hit by a powerful wave of snow from Russia next week, Nicola.: Technically, this irritation gets its name precisely Burian (or puran).
This is a rare occurrence, but with the right configurations it can literally destabilize our climate within a few days, allowing for ideal conditions. Big snow“(The Big Snow).

First a necessary precedent. With time Burian Identifies a Icy northeast wind It, in winter, blows on ice Endless Siberian lands or Kazakh steppes directed towards the Urals and the Sarmatian lowlands. Often it goes as far as Xinjiang in Asia, while it crosses the Urals to invade Europe. The word comes from Russian or Turkish PuraganWhat does this mean?Very strong wind“In fact, Buran is a stormy wind, its arrival, as well as causing a drop in temperature (even by 10 degrees Celsius within 24 hours) Snow storms.

Well, according to the latest update, something big is brewing and might already be operational within ten days of February. How can we see by enlarging our vision to the entire hemispheric chessboard? A powerful disturbance of freezing air Arctic extraction can be invested from the old continent Monday, February 6 (Nicola)
As can be seen from the map we propose below, Italy will probably be hit as well Ice streams With a north-easterly origin, the temperature will drop, several degrees and much lower than the expected climatic average for this period, favoring the so-called “cold pillow” as a result, i.e. a layer Freezing air Closer to the ground with temperature Below zero.Conditions are perfect for big snowfalls in ItalyConditions are perfect for big snowfalls in ItalyThen, this very cold flow ends its flow by diving directly out of the Mediterranean Sea. Ron’s mouth It has direct consequences in our country.
If this is confirmed, it is not excluded that one may develop cyclo-genesis Between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, a wide range of weather is capable of worsening Precipitation Starting from the mid-north. Warning: Considering the extremely cold temperatures that can be experienced in our country, Even in the plains, snow may fall in large quantitiesSo one would need optimal conditions Big snow (Big snow).

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Obviously, given the time distance, we still call for caution as the configuration may undergo changes. But this time it looks like the plant is there.