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They called me a fascist.

They called me a fascist.

Verona – bad night for Albano CaresiWhich in the evening honor Franco Batiato, everyone’Arena Verona, received boos and insults from the audience present. The police singer accompanies him on stage Vittorio my little boyI have declared: I wasn’t expected to be there, I went for friendship my kids: I was with him one evening in Abano Terme when he told me to follow him, and that he would take me to the ring where his sister was also with extra softness‘, Albano explains in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

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Albano, whistles and insults in Verona: ‘A beautiful evening ruined by politics’

I didn’t know anything. But I entered with the whistles and left with applause. Only there I understood that it was an evening for Batiato … I would have been fine too, But they didn’t call me. I don’t know, but I knew Batiato very well because we have the same product: I have been since 1965 and he has been since 1969, precisely because it came from a series of successes. Sorry, they turned good evening into something politicalAnd we heard from the crowd the cries of everything, even “fascism”:shouted at us”fascists”. “Moreover fools, And I honestly say to my little ones…”Albano notes. “If he did not take the podium with Vittorio Maybe ‘what would have happened, I do not know. a Shame The like just to be forgotten“.