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"There was resistance."  Cardinal Pell frequents the Vatican scandals

“There was resistance.” Cardinal Pell frequents the Vatican scandals

The ‘resistance’ inside State Secretariat: This is the latest expression of a high-ranking cardinal that can lead to debate in circles close to the Vatican and is not. Also, because the subject in question is one of the most sensitive to matters of sacred shortcomings: economic and financial.

cardinal George Bell He returned to Rome, where he presented prison diaryThe book about the time he spent in prison is innocent, which you publish Kantagali. Bell, in the presence of Senator Paula Bennetti, held a conference in Nasiriyah Hall. But statements leading up to the event also sparked great interest.

According to what has been learned Give Corriere della Sera, in fact, the Basic, who was a symbol of the Ratzinger administration, considered conservative and chosen by Pope Francis, before a scandal linked to the alleged abuses (the Australian Court case in which the Cardinal was later acquitted) overshadowed him, forcing him to give up assignment in the Vatican for imprisonment, he announced. Long before going to the Senate, the following: “Cardinal Pesio also said that the auditor has no authority to enter the State Secretariat. This was an absolute mistake. He wrote that the auditor has the authority, and we also have the authority to control as the Secretariat of the Economy.”

Then the passage that bounces from one piece of news to another:But there was always resistance – Locate – . If the auditor had or had been able to get in earlier, we would have saved a lot, a lot of money in London and elsewhere.” net of the issue that interests her Angelo Picchio, the Cardinal for whom Pell asserts the right to a trial for the known events also connected with Ludnera Palace, it is worth emphasizing how the Australian Cardinal indicated that there was a kind of blockade that would have effectively prevented the searches.

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Cardinal Becciu, as we have learned fromAdnkronos, wanted to say what Bill had said regarding many areas. By the way Becciu, “Regrets the words ascribed by today’s press to Cardinal Pell regarding the burdensome, albeit in the form of doubt, re-examination of very serious topics. Of the imaginary links, albeit in the form of doubt, between sums from the Vatican Foreign Office and the defendants in the trial he underwent in Australia for an eccentric assertion of reasoning in relation to the financial independence of the Secretariat.” Bell also talked about the possibility of “framing”.

Back to the book presentation Senator Paula Benetti We wanted to focus on how prison diary, which depicts Bell’s experience in prison, can also serve to point the way to those who decide to engage in politics. For a parliamentarian, without an ideal aiming at justice, there is no point in assuming that it is a matter of the field. But Cardinal Pell’s book – as Bennetti has always noted – also constitutes a complete testimony of faith, and also represents a path full of meaning.