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There is no green lane again on the square in Milan, the armored post and the protesters dam

There is no green lane again on the square in Milan, the armored post and the protesters dam

And I’m eighteen. For the 18th day in a row today, the green lanes – albeit in very small numbers compared to other times – did not appear on the field in Milan. Since the afternoon, Fontana Square and the area around the entire Duomo have been shielded and guarded by police, who have screened anyone approaching – about 60 people have been identified – in an effort to avoid forming groups.

At about 5:15 p.m., some protesters – a few hundred – moved towards the cathedral through Carlo Martini, but were stopped by police and police in riot gear and stopped at the royal palace. An identical hoop was created on the other side of the square, towards the Galleria and Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Activists repeatedly chanted “shame”, saying “you are servants” and “you will pay it” to the men in uniform. There were a few moments of tension when the police tried to turn away a man who had to deal with his wife’s reaction. After some contact with the police, the green lanes – blocked on both sides – resumed the chant for “freedom” and against green martyrdom.

An impressive group of agents and soldiers guarding the entire area, who, on several occasions, stepped in line and slowly tried to empty the Piazza Duomo. Several protesters were stopped and taken by the police, each time with moments of relative tension over the reaction of the rest of the audience. He set up a few dozen not-so-green aisles, just in front of the cathedral, a sort of communal prayer recited by Maria avenue.

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They “split” into several groups and were surrounded by the police without the possibility of moving, the activists remained in the square – they began to pray again – and then walked away in a ceremony after being recognized by the police and the carabinieri.

The call on Telegram

The “call to arms”, as it almost always happens, came via Telegram. A poster, a place – the usual -, the time – as usual – and an invitation to be ‘all united’ for the 18th consecutive Saturday to express their opposition to the commitment to green witness to the fight against covid.

Among other things, the Telegram group, which gave voice to the Milan commission, and then dissolved, re-launched the meeting. “After what happened in Milan last Saturday, there is a need for maximum presence more than that without retreating an inch. They robbed our work and our dignity and attacked the mental well-being of people. So they are all united and above all in support,” the appeal of Green Corridors called Everyone to Piazza Fontana at 5.15pm.

Directives of the Ministry of the Interior and the province

However, there is however. No demonstration was reported at the police station, therefore, according to the latest directives from the Ministry of the Interior also, no march was allowed, but at most a stationary garrison. On the last two Saturdays, after a series of endless disturbances of the city, the attitude of the police has actually changed: two weeks ago, after the snake had run for a long time, the demonstrators were tied with belts and blocked in Sciesa, while last weekend – for the first time – the policemen and men of The police any attempt to leave in its infancy by “dividing” the activists into small groups, preventing them from moving from the Duomo and Piazza Fontana, as happened today.

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The prefecture’s guidelines, after the last public order commission, remain unchanged for this weekend: “In the event that an event is regularly notified – they announced it from Corso Monforte – shows will be allowed only through courier. The organizers take charge of respecting the anti-virus legislation, without compromising respect for any instructions issued by the police headquarters. Unexpected events, as long as they are peaceful, are not permitted except in a consistent form.” But not only. Because “on the days preceding holidays and feasts, as well as on all days between November 25 and January 9, the Piazza Duomo is intended for religious, civic, cultural, commercial and recreational events planned or sponsored by the Municipality of Milan”. Interpreter: The non-green lanes had to move away from the center and the procession could not start after no notice of the appointment.

Confcommercio مخاوف concerns

The fear of runaway blocks – already seen many times in other issues curated from July to now – is still there. Confcommercio, which in recent weeks has also launched a batch of autographs to say enough for the processions, has made no secret of its concerns.

“We face another Saturday of promises that will be difficult for the irregular demonstrations in Milan. We trust in the responsibility of those who will take to the streets to respect the rules. This then means respecting the lives of citizens and companies”, the words entrusted to us .. Friday on social networks by Secretary Marco Barbieri General of the Association of Shopkeepers in Milan.

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“If the logic of unauthorized rallies prevails, the damage to trade, according to the estimate of our research department, will be 4.2 million euros. A damage that gradually increases with the approach of Christmas – he concluded -“.