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All mesh transparent and no bra - Libero Quotidiano

All mesh transparent and no bra – Libero Quotidiano

Moda Caustica Award column stripping news, will Chiara Ferragni. At Fashion Week, the Paris influencer appeared in a somewhat unexpected outfit: a completely transparent T-shirt. chest? Covered in two gold stamps only. even wife videos Appears in the restaurant with this look between extravagance and control. Details that haven’t gone unnoticed by Canale 5’s satirical news. Alessandro Ciani Comment on rating and service on Ferragni starting with ‘is half naked“.

The influencer was wearing a white jacket. Nothing strange so far except that the passion for gold has not overcome him. And now he’s wearing a jacket together Gold cups on the chest. A shot that caught the attention of stunned fans. But everyone agreed that the outfit was small spot on.

In fact, there were those who identified it.”horrifying “. Fedez himself decided to share and comment: “Did I steal your body and Iroman?” An ironic joke, but it suggests that Fedez agrees with his wife’s fans.

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