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The Wish Box movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

The Wish Box movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

TV8 He suggests the film titled Today Wish box. It is an emotional film with a romantic and Christmas atmosphere.

Production is from United States of AmericaThe year of construction is 2019 and its duration is 1 hour and 26 minutes. Viewing is also open to minors.

Wish Box movie actors

The Wish Box – direction, heroes, location

The trend is by Emily Moss Wilson. The main heroes are Faith H White Played straight before Hilary Burton H Tyler Hilton. Also in the cast Megan Park In turn material.

Filmed in United Stateespecially A Ponchatoula In the territory Louisiana.

Production is from Active entertainment In cooperation with Cosmot Cinema H Network for life.

The original title is Christmas wish.

The film The Wish Box is where it was filmedThe film The Wish Box is where it was filmed

Wish Box – Film plot that was broadcast on TV8

The plot has a protagonist Faith Burton. We are in a small town Ponchatoula In the Louisiana. Here every year in December, close to NatalieA wooden box is placed in the city park near the tree Natalie. The wish box is called an object: People write their true heartfelt wishes on a paper and put them in the box.

The hope is that all their wishes will come true. After talking a lot with materialsister Faith, the latter is also convinced to include her wish in the box. It's about finally finding true love for the first time.

In the beginning it is Faith Which material They are skeptical of the power of the Wishes Box. But they are immediately surprised when they seem to have the desire to do so Faith is about to come true. Actually the next day Faith Meet the witch Andrew He immediately believes that he has his desire for it Natalie can be achieved.

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However, the heroine will soon find herself wondering if the person she is going to spend her life with is actually someone she has already known for some time, but didn't realize.

Final spoiler

While the Natalie Approaching Faith He begins to wonder if he is Andrew He really is the perfect man for her. But in the meantime, another doubt arises. What if her heart led her towards her best friend White?

Only in the end will viewers know which of the two young men will become his first love Faith.

The film The Wish Box, the final partThe film The Wish Box, the final part

Wish Box – Full Cast

Below is the film's cast Wish box And the characters played by the actors

  • Hilary Burton: Faith
  • Tyler Hilton: White
  • Megan Park: material
  • Lee Norris: Rayyan
  • Christian de la Fuente:Andrew
  • Colin Fix: Grant
  • Ryan Broussard: Mosques
  • Madeleine McGraw: Stella
  • Aidan McGraw: Aiden
  • Pam Greer: Mariam
  • Willie Garson: Principal Wilson
  • Rhoda Griffis: Joyce
  • Bruce McVitie: Robert
  • Barbara Allen Woods: Marilyn