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The wind blows some mist

The wind blows some mist

No major changes in weather conditions are expected over the next few days, with high pressure guaranteeing stable and unusually mild weather until at least the middle of next week. Thursday 1 However, the tail of Atlantic disturbances moving beyond the Alps hardly touches our peninsula, thus increasing cloudiness. No rain or snow Noticeable.

This fast disturbing passage will also accompany it Temporary reinforcement of ventilationIt will contribute Reduces the presence of fog In the Po Valley, However without favoring a significant improvement in air qualityPollution levels are high in several major northern cities.

From a thermal point of view, only a slight chill can be felt at night in the north, while the maximum temperature will be normal in almost all regions, even 6-8 degrees Celsius in the mid-summer areas. North.

Weather forecast for Wednesday 31st

Prevalence of clear or slightly cloudy skies; A few harmless clouds occasionally. Early in the morning though Many fogs in the northern plains and along the upper Adriatic coast.

temperature The maximum increases in the north and decreases slightly in the Tyrrhenian regions, however above the norm everywhere. Moderate tromantana or mistral winds in the Ionian and lower Adriatic regions, weak elsewhere.

Weather forecast for Thursday, February 1

Start your day with Dense fog in the eastern Po valley, even along the coasts between the Veneto and Romagna and the valleys of Umbria and Tuscany.; Clouds are gradually increasing over the Alps, Liguria and Sardinia. Elsewhere it will be clear or partly cloudy. Afternoon The fog is clear; Partly cloudy or cloudy in the Alps, northeast, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia Light rain in the evening Possible in the interior of the island. Clouds will increase in the south and Sicily in the evening The fog returns to the banks in the Po Valley.

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The temperature is mostly constant. Moderate mistral winds in Sardinia, stronger in the evening; Ventilation Alpine regions and adjacent plains of the northwest.