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The tipping point that can lead to discussion

The tipping point that can lead to discussion

Many have begun the countdown to the new edition of men and women The expectation of knowing the names of new tronists is growing more and more. The dating show will return to air in September and the first episodes will be taped in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the rumors about the recordings did not last long. This year too there should be the classic throne and the throne in one formula.

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The rumor was launched by Lorenzo Pugnaloni from his profile Menedonneclssicoeover on Instagram. but this is not all. One of the four soloists, who will sit on the throne in this new version, can be chosen in a certain way, which has not yet been put into practice.


One of the new UeD players can be chosen directly by the ladies and jockeys of The Throne Over. The role of The Over can take part in this “vote” on two boys/girls who wish to ascend the throne.

Therefore, the selection should be made on two people in particular, who have already been selected by the editorial board. Bugnaloni specified that it would not be one of the ladies and knights to ascend the throne. The other three illustrators will have a regular show, after careful selection by the editorial staff. Therefore, they will arrive at the studio already aware that they are beginning their journey. If confirmed, will the audience appreciate this choice?

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Among other developments, the role of Ida Platano and Pinocia appeared: they will not be simple ladies, but they will be in other forms. The new faces will be revealing themselves at The Over salon and there are also rumors of Federica Aversano arriving among the ladies. The former suitor of Matteo Ranieri aroused the interest of some of the knights, who also revealed themselves to her. Among them was Riccardo Guarnieri. What will happen?

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