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The team is growing more and more -

The team is growing more and more –

FromSoftware They’ve been a known team for years, and the success of Elden Ring has done nothing but make them even more famous. The company has collaborated over the years with several publishers, such as Activision (Sekiro), Bandai Namco (Dark Souls, Elden Ring), and Sony Interactive Entertainment (Bloodborne). Now, however, he might no longer need them because he aims to become too Publisher of its own games all over the world.

The information comes via Twitter, with Zionstorm user A Kadokawa Financial Report (FromSoftware’s parent company) from which we can see how FromSoftware aims to become a publisher for its games.

From the financial report we can read: “After raising the capital through a private investment, the group will actively invest in developing more video game intellectual property that is strong and enhance the ability to create and develop video games. The group aims to create a structure that allows Expand the publishing section globally, which is rapidly growing.

As noted in the financial report that Elden Ring records it Record numbers And how it contributed “significantly to revenue and profit growth.” Thus operating profit grew by 1,116.8%.

Directly publishing your games obviously requires investments and means taking more risks, but it also means not sharing a portion of the profits from game sales. for FromSoftware So it could be a great investment, especially given the growing success of his games.

This does not mean that the company will not cooperate in any way with major publishers, of course, because it has also received investments from Sony PlayStation, for example. We know that investments in FromSoftware can lead to new collaborations.

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