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The boss becomes stronger again!

The boss becomes stronger again!

Post-launch support provided by FromSoftware to keep it going elden ringwith a new patch now available for download on PC and consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The Japanese software house actually announced thatUpdate 1.03.3Already downloadable on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The update is of very limited dimensions and ambitions, because it only interferes with a bug introduced by the previous patch 1.03 elden ring.

FromSoftware explains that the latter has inadvertently reduced the damage caused by some attacks of a game boss, i.e. radan heavenly affliction. With the new update, therefore, the strikes of a powerful opponent return to reveal themselves in all their greatness, signaling a return Difficult to fight the boss to the original levels suggested by elden ring. News that probably won’t satisfy Lightless who still has to face a heavenly affliction, a decidedly tough enemy within the pool of gods. Chief Elden’s Ring that impede the player’s progress in the quest for the ancestral ring.

If this can be motivation or consolation, know that there are already one who scored one goal. No harm in running the Elden RingThe game ends in about three hours.

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