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The sick Biden is a mirror of the West

The sick Biden is a mirror of the West

Joe Biden's mental state emerges from the gossip, which has long been mired in the president's gaffes and has become a political problem. Special Prosecutor Robert Hoare, who investigated allegations that Biden leaked military secrets, wrote in his report that the president should be acquitted, but portrayed him as an “old man with a weak memory” whose stories are full of inconsistencies, inaccuracies and amnesia. This was enough to raise a request from Republican senators to review the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, which regulates the removal of the president in the event of his inability to fully exercise his mandate.

It is clear that the problem does not concern only America, but rather the entire world, which is grappling today with an unprecedented military and economic conflict between the West and the East, the management of which requires firm leadership from America. But resolving the Biden issue is not easy at all, because the president finds himself captive to a set of situations that put him in his current place, beyond his real health conditions: it is inconceivable that he will resign (or be fired) Why Kamala Harris is the least popular vice president in the history of the United States United States, according to a recent NBC poll, and the most incompetent, according to most observers; He cannot withdraw from the electoral race (in America there will be a vote in November) because, according to all analysts, he is the only Democratic candidate who has any chance of being able to stop Donald Trump's race to the White House.

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Between a forgetful president (Biden), an incompetent president (Harris), and a talked-about (some say, even dangerous) president like Trump, the current establishment in Washington has no doubt: let's keep the former and then we'll see. . There is no doubt that the inability of American democracy to present healthy and credible candidates to lead the country is not a good sign. This does not apply to America, but even to the West, given that on the other side of the fence, from Xi Jinping to Putin, the leaders appear strong and determined to exploit every weakness of the American giant to their advantage to change the regime and bring about change. Balance of the world.