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The racing car seen from Barolo Castle -

The racing car seen from Barolo Castle –

According to reports from expertsNational Institute of Astrophysics (Anaf) He comes from the area he lives inAsteroid 153 Hilda“which gives its name to a family of special asteroids”, a fireball that has seven chambers of Prisma Monitoring Network Resumed at Sky Granda at 3.39 on Sunday, February 27.
To resume “swipe” the carITPI06 goal for Barolo (In the photo at the bottom left of the photo published by the institute, you can see the flag standing on a tower Valletti Castle, on which the survey station is located). It was also seen by the rooms of Lignan, Pino Torinese, Felizzano, Bedonia, Cecima and Merate, as well as the French rooms of the French Fripon network at Barcellonette and Caussols.

The meteorite appeared between Savegliano and Fossano at a height of about 80 km And a little faster 14 km per secondstays in the sky of Granda for 8 seconds, then moves in a southeast direction to extinguish itself in the Ligurian Sea, about fifteen kilometers Off the coast of Finale Ligure.

As mentioned by Anfa portal, The Hilda family of asteroids does not belong to the main asteroid belt, but is much more external. It is believed that the bodies that make up it do not necessarily descend from a common ancestor object. It consists of asteroids “trapped” by Jupiter in a relationship. From resonance 3:2, at about 4 Astronomical units from the Sun (1 astronomical unit corresponding to the average distance between the Earth and the Sun, equal to 149.597.870, 7 km).About 0.6 indicates that the falling fragment tonight (editor’s note yesterday) could belong to the comet of the so-called “quasi-Hilda” group , of which Comet Shoemaker-Levy, which fell on Jupiter in 1994, was a part.

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