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The platform had to leave a video notice

The platform had to leave a video notice

In the past few hours, Whatsapp has released a warning video to all its users. Here is why.

WhatsApp Alert –

It is probably the most famous and widely used instant messaging application in the western world. We are talking about WhatsApp, which has become a part of our lives for several years It has inevitably replaced the more classic text messages. However, the same company found itself in these hours having to reveal an important video message to its users.

WhatsApp and its success

Before Whatsapp, there was SMS, some MMS, and if you wanted to make a video call the solution was to use Skype, just from a computer. And with the arrival of smart phones, Whatsapp has rapidly revolutionized the way we communicateTake advantage of the Internet and allow millions of people on opposite sides of the world to send instant messages, exchange photos and videos, and make video calls.

Messaging apps
Messaging apps

It ranks as the number one instant messaging app most used by smartphone owners. An app that has recently taken on a social function as wellallowing you to share statuses that include images and text with your contacts.

Recently, however, Meta, the company the app belongs to, found itself having to do just that Post a warning video to its users. this is the reason.

Cautionary video

The video, posted on the app’s homepage, begins with the user asking, “You’re getting spam? Tell us!”. Why this warning? The answer is very simple and almost obvious. Being the most used messaging app, It is a breeding ground for potential scamsincreasingly popular on the Internet.

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So it may happen that your phone number ends up in the hands of malicious people who send messages promising to win or contests, They will try to steal your data. After this phenomenon increased, Whatsapp resorted to hiding by spreading this phenomenon A video calling on users to report inappropriate messages and contentWhich reassures them that the sender will not know about it.

Spam messages
Spam messages

Of course, it is also possible to block the sender to avoid further spam or phishing messages. The goal of the platform is to remain a safe place Exchange between people who know each other and keep scams or scams out as much as possible.
By clicking on the links that are presented in the messages, in fact, You risk giving your data to people who can use it for completely illegal purposes.
Also pay special attention to your contacts, because it may happen that if one of your friends clicks on the malicious link, This, in turn, goes to all of your contacts. Therefore, if you also receive a suspicious message from an acquaintance, make sure that it was he who sent it and that he himself was not a victim of a scam.