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Federica Aversano teases Riccardo Guarnieri, the unexpected reveal of her former suitor

Federica Aversano teases Riccardo Guarnieri, the unexpected reveal of her former suitor

Federica Arversano swears at the men’s and women’s jockey: “I love it, it’s fun.”

Federica Arversano He was one of the champions last season from men and women. The interview was conducted by the official weekly Dating show Maria de Filippithe former suitor has allowed herself to go to some unpublished confession distance The disappointment of Matteo Ranieri.

The unexpected revelation of Federica Arversano about the Knight of Men and Women

After a few weeks of file The choice of Matteo RanieriAnd Federica She came back to talk about her way men and women. The former suitor said in an interview with the program magazine:

I remember Mathieu with sadness, despite the fact that it ended as it did. It was a great experience, it pulled me out of the flat life I was leading and gave me some energy. With Mathieu I remember with joy the outward Fifth: He trusted me, and I am with him. The feeling was when you go out with a guy, and after the first dates where the awkwardness takes hold, you feel like something extra clicks. After that day we didn’t see each other for twenty days but I thought about it a lot. It hadn’t occurred to me for a long time to feel those butterflies in my stomach, in fact I thought it would never happen to me again. The least beautiful memories? conclusion. I didn’t see his consistency and I lost my respect for him. I felt ridiculed. You might have made it perfect.

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close class RanieriThe Arsano Then continue the interview, talking about the knight Ricardo Guarnieri, who did not hide his interest in it. In this regard, theFormer suitor for men and women open:

I already think Ida can’t stand me… and not for a good reason! Maybe I would have done it out of defeat, I don’t like what he said about me (laughs). He is a handsome man. Follow him, love his ways. He is very cute and gentle. If I had to say what my prototype is, I’d say I look at the guy in the polo shirt, with the shirt on. Then maybe it will end badly after a couple of minutes, as it already happened (laughs), but at first glance I like it, it’s interesting. I just don’t know much about him.

They say he came back for Ida. But I think she’s hoping to come back more, it just seemed so obvious to me. Even when Tina says, and often says, “Look she’s expecting you…”, he has the opportunity to make a move, a gesture. But he did not … On the contrary, he is silent. He said it’s the most important story, he feels sentimental about her, but I think he should hold back because she still loves her. I understand: We’ve all been in love with someone who’s passionate, and we tend to read more about them. Then I don’t know why, but those who go out with Ida declare that they are interested in me. We don’t have much in common.

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