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The next hours, severe thunderstorms with hail falling in the evening. Risk Zones »

Weather warning: The next hours, an intense tributary of thunderstorms with hail in the evening. danger zones

NEXT HOURS MANY AREAS AT RISK OF TEMPORALS AND HAILeven in next hours frequent thunderstorm activity It will affect some areas of our country where the intensity of the phenomena may also lead to local provocations hail. Every single mistake sakatora In the nearby Balkan regions, its negative impact can be felt in many regions of Italy. From the west, we notice meanwhile trying to get close tohigh pressure Which is desperately trying to occupy a space in the Mediterranean, but at the moment has managed to influence the meteorological picture only in some corners of Italy. So there are all conditions to see “Italy cleavage between weather conditions calm NS Attractive And the stage is still strong unstable.

So let’s see in detail how time will evolve next hours Trying to understand the sectors most at risk in particular My time By evening.
Already on track morning many outbreaks Thunderstorms They will reach extremes very intermittently South Especially in the far eastern region Sicily, The Calabria Up to many areas of Basilicata. Over time, the southernmost sectors of Campania and the ionic region of Apulia. very better Things will go on at rest South But above all in the regions centernorth Except for some inconvenience on Alpine carvings NS Before the Alps More western where we don’t rule out some quick and temporary showers even flat spaces Piedmont NS Lombardy like on Turinese NS Milanese.

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But as it often happens in the presence of one Rotation albeit weak hurricane, will be in hours afternoon The most favorable moment for the formation of menacing men My time Accompanied by the locals hail. areas Twelve O’clock. Sicily oriental, CalabriaSouth CampaniaAnd Basilicata NS Apulia. These will be the areas where the highest level will remain risk of phenomena Thunderstorms Which can actually take on a very intense character.
Also during the afternoon, a sudden shower will not be excluded even in the interior of the center, such as the reliefs Lazio And also in large part from the Alps Especially the central west.
Only at the end of the day will thunderstorm activity begin to give important uptake signals to ensure progressively more and quieter evening and night except for some frequent and residual heavy rain in the extreme southern regions.