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AEW: A historic turning point in All Out with two crazy starts, is it the best slate ever? – spoiler

Sorry for the spoiler, but you would have seen it on hundreds of other sites anyway. In fact, maybe if you even followed one other person related to wrestling on your social feed, this would be the first thing you’ll see in the morning: At the end of All Out, what we’ve all come to expect has happened, and once again a major Superstar debut from WWE. Actually two. After Omega’s victory over Christian, with whom the champion managed to maintain the lead in the AEW restaurant chain, the elite team began beating Christian. The Good Brothers and Young Bucks met up with Kenny to rage against Christian. To his aid came the Jurassic Express who was already crucial to winning the Impact title at the Rampage.

Adam Cole is all elite

Then Kenny Omega started his promo in which he said that no one is at his level and that the only people who can beat him are either already retired or dead. The lights went out and although the audience replied yes, it wasn’t Daniel Bryan, but Adam Cole. The former NXT champion was met with a standing ovation, especially when he threw his hands at the crowd chanting “Adam Cole Baby!”.

Daniel Bryan is All Elite

Sadly, though, Cole didn’t do what the audience had hoped – help out the Christian and Jurassic Express, and instead hit Jungle Boy and stand up to the elite. A happy ending now seems impossible with Cole joining his friends but suddenly something happens. The music of Daniel Bryan, or rather, Brian Danielson, echoes and everything changes. Nothing in the final countdown to Europe is as rumored, but the “usual” ride of the Valkyries in a modernized version. Former WWE Brian Danielson also arrives in the ring to help Jurassic Express and Christian shift the balance and the biggest night in AEW history ends with a boom!