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NASA, rilasciate le prime foto della missione DART

NASA, the first images of the DART mission have been released

NASA has officially published the first images of the DART mission, another space agency organization that we will be able to tell ourselves about for the simple fact that it is very important and very interesting. But what does this new space flight consist of?

The probe was actually launched some time ago, and it seems that its goal has always been to divert the asteroid’s path –

the space agencies From all over the world they will always work to show everyone how far they really are technological levelAnd we can understand this from some Events He is not indifferent and has deeply affected us.

Among these we can not ignore Events more important than 2021Like launching a space telescope James Webb Or space tourism with the first civilians in Tera. In short, suppose we don’t miss any of this Point of view.

We won’t hear anything now lack It was seen that some were released Photo Regarding the new assignment NASA, which is already in progress and appears to have begun Give Some important moments from just a few photos.

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So, with such places, There is nothing else left who explore Content In the question and find out which of them Photo They have affected us all greatly. Will we love them? Certainly, on the other hand NASA He never let us down Until now.

Explanation of pictures

NASA, the first images of the DART mission have been released
While you don’t seem to see anything special, this photo features several huge stars –

L ‘US space agencyThey, we know, fired one probe Against an asteroid that would change him orbiting Early, prevent giant rock From Collide on the surface of the ground.

The task is called Arrow, which stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, has begun officially For some time. It seems that only September 26 This year, with a specific goal is to hit Binary system from asteroids Didymus and then, Dimorphos, which is the main thing to move.

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In the pictures we can see probe Taken by telescopic system Draco, short for Didymos Reconnaissance and Asteroid Camera for Optical Navigation, where only a few have been noted points Nilethe darkness subordinate infinite space. In short, there seems to be nothing really interesting, right?

In fact, theasteroid It’s much closer than it seems. The first photo was taken around December 7, 2021 3 million km from Tera, which means, astronomically speaking, that it’s not too far away. Which explains why there are so few differences between elements capture And give a very deep meaning to the work he is doing DracoA true revolutionary machine.

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the second pictureInstead, depict one dozens of starsAnd crystalline e Sharp, which is located near the point where the constellations of Perseus, Aries and Taurus intersect, only captured December 10. From this, we can easily understand howasteroid Get closer and closer.