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The model that makes rally fans' hearts beat has finally been revealed: it has arrived at the dealership

The model that makes rally fans' hearts beat has finally been revealed: it has arrived at the dealership

A big emotional moment for fans of the brand that has become famous at parades. The modern version of the lucky model will be released soon.

For a time, Italy was unbeatable in the world of motorsport. No other country has been able to do this Earn respect and credit In creating four wheels that are beautiful, stylish and perform great on the track. But not always, as all donuts come out with a hole. For various reasons, there are projects that were not able to be implemented at the time of their design or did not arouse the interest that would have prompted investors to believe in the plan.

Chimera, more than just a car, it's racing history! (Canva) –

Well, when such situations happen, knowing how to wait becomes a great virtue. And this is exactly what thousands of enthusiasts of the car we will talk about did. The project was born from the intuition of Kimera Automobili Which decided, in unexpected times, to bring back to popularity a car that, in fact, at the time of its release, that is, in the 1980s, had not enjoyed what had been hoped for despite numerous victories in the sporting field.

The first attempt to bring this model back to life was made three years ago in a limited run of 37 examples which really gives you an idea of ​​what kind of car it is. Good,The nostalgia process It was very successful Bring the builder To think of an heir. Once again, it's a car with strong racing inspiration. Also in this case, names were involved in the project that made the Italian brand great, making it a true symbol of our country involved in racing at the global level.

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All the secrets of the new racing car will appeal to rally fans

The car is yours This model does not inspire anything else The Lancia 038 Mazinga, an evolution of the famous front-wheel drive 037 that was abandoned in 1983 in the World Rally Championship field in favor of another name, the Delta S4, is destined to make the history of the Lancia brand before it leaves the world of racing.

This is Kimera Evo37 Built in the early post-pandemic period and the subject of collectors' hunt, the 038 already on the manufacturer's table will do better. In particular, founder Luca Pitti, who was born and raised in the world of crossovers, wanted to involve those who are more connected than anyone else to the Piedmont manufacturer Lancia, namely Miki Biacione, who is still very active in the environment, thanks to his cosmopolitanism. The 1988 and 1989 titles and the European Championship are at the wheel of the 037. As can be seen from the few images that have been released, it is the exact heir to the car driven by the respected Venetian driver.

It was born to be a Group B car, class Canceled due to seriousness The 038 was supposed to be rear-wheel drive, and due to its lines reminiscent of those of the famous comic book hero, many were already calling it the Mazinger. From what we know, the car we will see on the road will be very far from this concept, although it will still address some of the main points of the initial idea.

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Countdown to the release of the EVO38 (Kimera) –

If this is what makes a car seem like a random thing, then you should know that this is not true at all. In fact, there's already a release date: February 22nd. It would be exactly that day for the first time It will be shown to the world virtually before the actual show at the Geneva Motor ShowScheduled between February 26 and March 3. And so that competition addicts do not miss anything, in the stand dedicated to the Torino brand, there will be other examples that have made the history of Martini Racing. An incredible revenge story.