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The meme man is on vacation in Rome

The meme man is on vacation in Rome

Andras Arato, the man behind Hide The Pain Harold’s printed smile and the aching eyes that made him the world’s most famous meme, was On vacation in Rome. The person was directly interested in posting it on Facebook. Arato visited the main places of the capital, such as Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Saint Peter’s Square and Piazza Venezia, as well as entertaining himself in some of the bars and restaurants of the Eternal City. There was no shortage of selfies and pictures with the expression that made him famous. Among them, a portrait of him in front of a billboard in Cinecitta depicting the faces of many famous moviegoers. “I should be there too”Arató’s comment was sarcastic.

Which is András Arató and how is he famous?

Andras Arató è Hungarian engineer Who discovered that he became the idol of the web by chance. “I took some selfies in 2010 while on vacation in Turkey and then uploaded them to a Hungarian social network. A photographer looking for models for his stock photos contacted me, then we met for a photoshoot. A few months later during an internet search I realized I had become a meme. People thought my smile , along with the look in my eyes, was incredibly sad. Thus, Hideing Pain was born, Harold.”He said in an interview with Wired.

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