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Fear for the star is a cruel aggression

Fear for the star is a cruel aggression

A Place in the Sun is back full of news, but one of these leaves viewers dumbfounded who never expected the tragic event.

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Un posto al lone returns with news for loyal fans of the longest-running Italian TV series. The years pass, the cast changes as the abandonment and renewal continues, but the interest in the stories set in the magical city of Naples never ends.

A Place in the Sun has some shocking news waiting for fans. Recently, the series has been the protagonist of several changes that have not bothered the viewers a little who continue to drift through the plots of this narrative. The soap has been broadcasting since 1992.

One of the tragic events that featured the latest episodes, aired as usual every day From Monday to Friday at 20.45 days Rai 3And Is this rooted in It is very difficult to experience an experienced face-to-face between two lovable heroes, a fact that left the public speechless at home, but that’s not all.

In the later dates of the series, another disturbing backdrop will end, and you will run into a very famous novel hero who causes little to no fear.

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A place in the sun: It is very difficult to love aggression

A place in the sun, as you know, always keeps loyal fans in tune and never misses a single appointment. Let’s say the series hasn’t been without series lately The turmoil and betrayal that intertwined the stories of the protagonists to a large extentBut the news never ends.

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This time the protagonist of the dramatic event is a young star, he is about to Agnes Lorenzini, the actress who plays Susanna!

Susanna attacked
Source: Instagram profile

Susanna is the character who will be violently attacked in the upcoming episodes. The circumstances in which the drama takes place are worrying, precisely because it is in the recovery phase of the event Susanna will have great difficulty resuming daily life. Especially after the announcement of the latter Nico, another character, after the events, will be in an increasingly complicated situation.

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The attack will have echoes throughout the buildingHowever, for now, there are no other previews. What remains is to wait for more information on the sequence of events, and the sure thing is that until the episode in question is broadcast The suspense will rise!