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Look at the first image of a single atom in an x-ray

Look at the first image of a single atom in an x-ray

Scientists managed to make the world’s first X-ray of a single atom.

A team of scientists led by Ohio University physics professor and Argonne National Laboratory scientist, Sao Wai Hla, has carried out The first x-ray of a single atom. This unprecedented finding could revolutionize the way scientists study the so-called “building blocks” of matter.


According to the study’s authors, “Atoms can be observed under a microscope, but without X-rays we can’t tell what they’re made of. Now we can detect exactly what type of a particular atom it is, one atom at a time, and we can measure its chemical state at the same time,” explained Hla, who is He is also the director of the Institute for Nanoscale and Quantum at Ohio University.

“Once we can do that, we will be able to track the compounds down to the limit of just one atom. This will have a huge impact.” in environmental sciences And medical and perhaps find a cure that could have a significant impact on humanity. This discovery will change the world.”

For the demonstration, the team chose an iron atom and a terbium atom, both of which were inserted into their guests’ molecules. To detect X-ray signal of an atom, the research team equipped conventional X-ray detectors with a specialized detector consisting of a sharp metal tip placed near the sample to collect electrons excited by the X-rays, a technique known as Synchrotron.


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