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The Legacy, Eleonora guesses, but they’re angry on the web

The Legacy, Eleonora guesses, but they’re angry on the web

new Wins a the legacy. The new ones hero EleonoraIn last night’s episode, Thursday, May 30, she managed to do just that victory In the guillotine, and took home 26,250 euros. The chef, after playing in Triello against Nuccia and Sergio, overtook the latter in 100 seconds and thus managed to reach the final step, where thinking about that correctly word mysterious Which connect the five clues (doo, high, coffee table, white and white), and choose ‘a night‘. To overwhelm Joya from competitorHere they arrived on time like every evening, the Criticisms socialcreated by viewers who gathered on air to comment on the match.

This time the connection was made betweena night‘H’small table“, which is the plural that indicates Tonight’s schedule Bedside, but what for Users to X was unknown: “The bedside table? But where, who, how and when? Only in the authors’ house! Maybe the authors’ grandparents?”. There was no shortage of the usual stuff either Provocations On the part of those who pointed out A Aiding and abetting Towards the hero: “Without answering almost anything, Eleonora goes to the guillotine!!!”, “They stop it at the right time! When they want! Come on!!! And then don’t say that the cyclist is not the favorite! Enough!!! Enough of these injustices!”

Heirloom, no one knows about the “bedside table” and an argument breaks out

Only a few episodes away fine Who is this ReleaseRai 1 Game Show has a new trailer hero, Eleonora. As of Monday, June 3 the legacy It will make way for the new season Chain reaction With Pino Insigno, but before we greet the audience, we celebrate in the studio. The competitor, in fact, has He won In the guillotineGuess the word that connects the five clues, made, high, table, white and white. The lucky answer, chosen by the chef after the usual minute of thought, was “night,” an answer that not everyone liked.

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On social media, where every evening the public tries to guess the authors’ riddles, many do Criticize And communication from Katinawhich is between “night” and “small table‘: “What the hell is a bedside table”, “He and 7/8 others in the world call it a bedside table”, “Bedside table? But where, who, how and when? Only in the authors’ house! Maybe from the authors” “Grandparents?”. Controversy Also on the choice of two mode Different words Just for He writes: “Today I saw the worst of all in the final guillotine: Bianco and Bianca. If they took the money out of his pocket, couldn’t they have done it sooner?”