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A whole part of the world is at risk, and these are extremely important ecosystems

A whole part of the world is at risk, and these are extremely important ecosystems

Mangrove forests are at risk around the world: here’s why and why they matter to us

Half of the whole Mangrove forests The world is in danger of collapse. This is the first expert assessment of these matters Critical ecosystems and carbon stores. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the loss of these ecosystems would be catastrophic, to say the least, for nature and people around the world.

Mangrove forests are in danger

On the basis of the enormous risks faced by mangrove forests, it is clear that there are: Humanitarian work. IUCN analysis highlights how Ecosystems most at risk These are in Sri LankaNileSouth India And in the moldive Islands.

Systems classified as “at risk” South China SeaIn the Central Pacific it is in Eastern Coral Trianglearound Malaysia, Filipino H Papua New Guinea. Here are the words Angela Andrade“Mangrove ecosystems are exceptional in their ability to provide essential services to people, including reducing coastal disaster risks, storing and sequestering carbon, and supporting fishing. Their loss could be catastrophic for Nature and people around the world.

Mangroves are found all over the world, and include dozens of different species of shrubs and trees along tropical coastlines, capable of hosting a wide range of biodiversity. Furthermore, one of its functions is to act as a nursery for fish, supporting various mammals such as leopards, African wild dogs, and sloths.

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Danger on Earth

These ecosystems are in danger They store a huge amount of carbon, compared to the size. Nearly three times as much carbon is absorbed as stored in tropical forests of the same size.

Statistics at hand, about 15% of the world’s coasts are covered with mangroves. But rising sea levels are putting their existence at risk. At the same time there are such ecosystems Threatened by agriculturefrom pollution and from Coastal developments.

The situation did not worsen overnight, on the contrary. Researchers have already identified some very serious problems, come on Shrimp farms in Dams on rivers, which changes the sediment flow. However, the risk is much greater today, given… Climate crisis Which, combined with extreme and frequent temperatures, generates a constant state of gravity for mangroves (and not only).

“The Ecosystem Red List provides clear pathways on how to reverse mangrove loss and protect these sensitive ecosystems for the future, which in turn helps protect biodiversity, address the impacts of climate change and support the achievement of the Global Biodiversity Framework.”