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The latest news in Rome on 03-05-2021 at 09.10

romadailynews radiogiornale May 3 Good morning record from the editorial staff by Francesco Vitale in Studio Italia yesterday The fewest deaths due to Covid in the past seven months 144 Instead the national positive rate has risen to 5.8% from today Val d’Aosta, red and orange with Basilicata Apulia Calabria and Sicily remain Other areas are yellow. After the age of 65, the vaccination campaign will open all age groups, especially the productive groups, and a son announcement for students. Today, the unions are waiting to invite the dragons for a table in the passenger name register. Which will be held during the week for the attention of CGIL CISL and UIL and with a special focus on preventing events related to the reform of social safety nets valued at a one-time 2,400 euros for seasonal workers in tourism and entertainment can arrive at the same time with the new business Support decree of the day in the Budget Committee of the Council The sheikhs are stormy on opinion after Fides’ accusations of preemptive censorship over his criticisms The Homophobia Impairment League of Xan, managing director rapper, but now the case turns into waking and the dates game opens, Ray Salvini demands the next CEO be internally while he called the censorship issue an interesting name For internal controversy to take you today in London, the Group of Seven Foreign Ministers also present in De Mayo UK is proposing a mechanism to prevent fake news from Russia and China in a coordinated manner. Genocide Against Good Wishes Today is World Press Freedom Day, killing her, tearing her to pieces, thrown into a garbage bin, then returning home and hanging this police reconstruction of what would have happened in Bologna after yesterday’s discovery on the outskirts of the city. Of the corpses of a 31-year-old student believed to be 43 years old from the sports truck Inter, Italian champion 4 days before the end of the tournament after Atalanta tied by one yesterday at Sassuolo Stadium in Milan’s Piazza Duomo, who was interrupted by police when Lazio’s curfew came. Genoa 43 Bologna Fiorentina 33 Napoli Cagliari 11 Udinese Juventus 1-2 Sampdoria Roma 2011 Parma Formula 1 in Milton Portugal wins Ferrari away from the podium MotoGP Bagnaia Type II behind the other Ducati from 1000 and in front of Bagnaia Rossi alone and we stop here for a moment, good continuation of the purpose
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