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Annalisa Minetti tornerà a vedere, senza un intervento, ma con sofisticatissimi occhiali

“So that I can discover the world.” History »

Annalisi Minetti now sees us: “So that I can discover the world.” Date

Annalisa Minetti will return to see, without interference, but with very sophisticated glassesAnnalisa Minetti will be able to see again: The 45-year-old singer and Paralympic champion was born with retinitis pigmentosaAvenue Hereditary and degenerative disease Which made him become relentless blindalready of age 21 years.

Fortunately, after two decades of blindness, he will have the opportunity to use it new technologywhich will allow you to Feel with ears what He can’t see with his eyes. Therefore, it will not be an interference with the eye, but a single interference Hi-tech innovative mode Which, according to the newspaper, Corriere della Serahe is called OrCam MyEye Pro. It is a very advanced eyewear device It reads texts, recognizes faces, colors and banknotes, and identifies products.
Moreover, the device has a file small speakerwhich transmits information to the headset, so that Getting to know the state of lifeeven if the eyes are not aware of external stimuli.

Annalisa Excited about this new mode that will allow her to discover (already rediscover) The GlobalismAfter losing his sight completely for more than half of his life: he finally revealed his last dream, which is to Program host To talk to young people with aeducational worka prospect that is no longer too far off if he can fully adapt to his new technological devices.Sophisticated glasses that allow you to see the world, even without eyesight (Photo: Corriere)Sophisticated glasses that allow you to see the world, even without eyesight (Photo: Corriere)

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