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The goal is to expand the preview club

The live broadcasting sector boasts of exponential growth in recent years, as the competition becomes increasingly intense, and the costs are only going to grow more and more. Among the well-known giants, Netflix He is the one who wants to be noticed the most to maximize expensesalso thanks to the economic crisis that has also affected the world of streaming platforms.

This year has been full of ups and downs for Netflix In the first two quarters a clear decline of subscribers (almost a million less), then Catch up with growth in third place 2.41 million new subscribers, numbers that far exceed the expectations of the company itself, in the period before the introduction of a new plan that includes advertising.

It resulted from the constant search for ways to improve its service to create a small group From the so-called subscriber users Netflix Preview Clubwhich is displayed on it Preview movies, TV series and various initiatives to send feedback They have to assess what the thoughts are about it and how to modify the undesirable aspects.

From 2,000 subscribers to tens of thousands worldwide in the Netflix Preview Club

We know what user feedback and reviews are The perfect medium For any platform or company to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of its product, especially in the world of entertainment, cinema and entertainment, and in the case of Netflix to listen to opinions on published content or on those that have not yet been published. as such The right way to lead them to success.

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The ultimate goal of the Netflix Preview Club is, in fact Bringing content that satisfies the largest possible number of viewersas long as it does not harm the authors or the company itself, which will always have the last word in this matter. The idea comes from the movie Don’t Look That saw the team make last-minute changes after suggestions from a group of US users who pointed out the film’s very serious tone.

The user group currently contains a small circle of 2000 subscribers onlybut the goal is dramatically raise that numberwith the aim of obtaining it Thousands of users all over the world. This way you expect Netflix Reducing annual costsFrom Get the most out of your investment directing them to safe products, e.g It meets the needs and tastes of its subscribers who will always find quality in their homes.

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