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The gesture that shocked the web

Meghan Markle is back in the storm. The Duchess of Sussex collected another one. The web did not forgive her a certain gesture

whenever you move Meghan Markle It attracts the attention of millions of people. Looks like he has a magnet problem. Expensive looks, expensive clothes, Welfare Boasting, political statements, interviews, the struggle for the environment. Every time he opens his mouth or moves, there’s a place controversy.

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It all started when the former American actress decided with her husband Harry, to leave United kingdom to move to United States of America. Today the couple lives in a wonderful villa in Montecito, in a California, specifically in Santa Barbara County. The property is worth about $14 million.

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Even today, there is controversy about the former protagonist of the TV series suit. What will he do this time Megan? It seems that the straw that broke the camel’s back was simple coffee. How a drink could spark the controversy that ignited England and in United States of America? Let’s find out together!

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Meghan Markle: Starbucks Coupon for Overtime. Web controversy

The The Duchess of Sussex It could have been smeared with a gesture that made the entire web pop. former star Hollywood offered coffee To all those who work overtime for the campaign in favor of Paid family and sick leave in a States United. It seems that the topic is very dear to the wife Principe Harry.

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Meghan Markle
Image: web source

As I mentioned before daily Mail, the former American actress allegedly gave workers PL + US coupon Starbucks Give 25 euro Through a non-profit organization Archwell. The news has been delivered Twitter Give Neil SorokaGroup Communications Manager. After the tweet, there was a strong protest by many users of this social network, accusing him Megan He made a gesture of pity, suspecting that there was an advertising campaign behind him.

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Many users accused Megan Markle From their inability to pay the workers, considering the 25 euro voucher to be too bad. It was necessary to intervene himself Soroka To restore calm and satisfy everyone’s mind: “The Duchess gave each of our staff $25 for a coffee. It might not mean much to someone, but to our team it was a pleasant surprise.”.