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The first signs of hearing loss and hearing loss

The first signs of hearing loss and hearing loss

What are the first signs of hearing loss that should trigger the alert light? We identify the symptoms and causes of hearing loss.

Ear (Adobe Stock)

Hearing loss usually occurs gradually, and gets worse over time. However, there are some situations in which hearing loss can be sudden and sudden. After all, the possible causes of this condition are many: here are all the reasons and Signs of hearing loss.

Hearing loss: possible causes

Hearing loss occurs due to damage to the auditory system.

It causes hearing loss

The impairment of this sensory stimulus can be determined by a number of factors. Among the most common are:

  • Genetic diseases
  • tumors;
  • The presence of a plug of earwax.
  • Infections, such as ear infectionMeningitis and German measles.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • heart disease;
  • Toxic materials
  • aging;
  • exposure to loud noises

Early Signs of Hearing Loss: What It Is

How do you detect hearing loss early?

Ear and nervous system problems
Hearing problems (pixels)

Immediate and timely awareness of the problem is really necessary to prevent disruption of the auditory system due to irreversible damage.

Therefore, you need to know the first signs of hearing loss. These include:

  • ringing in the ears
  • High susceptibility to noise.
  • Difficulty during conversations.

ringing in the ears

Hearing a constant ringing in your ears may not be a positive sign at all.

hearing loss
Hearing test (Pixabay)

On the contrary, this troublesome condition is one of the main signs of hearing loss.

In particular, it can be the most common symptom withTinnitus.

This pathology determines the acoustic perception of phantom noise, since it occurs in the absence of external sounds.

In this case, it is important to immediately undergo an ENT examination.

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Variable sensitivity to noise

Among the signs of hearing impairment is an altered sensitivity to noise.

Boy covering his ears (Screen Pinterest - Marc Accept)
Boy covering his ears (Screen Pinterest – Marc Accept)

Typical situations in which this condition occurs are in particularly crowded and awkward public places.

In this case, you may have Difficulty following the topicThey are also disturbed by the screams of the ocean.

Another typical circumstance has to do with the habit of turning up the volume of the radio and television a lot, so that you can understand what you are talking about.

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Difficulty during conversations

Finally, when it is difficult to understand what the interlocutor is saying in the first place, we may have damage to the hearing system.

ears examination
Ear examination (Freepik)

In particular, there are some messages that people with hearing loss experience realize more difficult: It’s “f” and “s”.

Moreover, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow the conversation by phone: this channel of communication is more turbulent and devoid of lip components, which may be a valid aid for all those whose auditory perception is compromised.