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Friends in the evening, the teacher attacks Crytical sharply: "You are unable"

Friends in the evening, the teacher attacks Crytical sharply: “You are unable”

Critical He was at the center of a violent attack by a teacher during the first episode of the evening friends.

The singer was the focus of an attack against Luigi. Both gave a beautiful performance.

Amici Evening: The Last Stop of Success

It was 2001 when it was uncertain Maria de Filippi Announced the broadcast of a new talent show targeting young talents. Singers, dancers and actors from all over the world. In Italy They auditioned to be accepted into this one exclusive category.

A production that takes into account the needs of students and teachers who are ready to follow them in all circumstances and can use resources that real life does not provide for everyone. This and much more and all that friends It can be reserved for the lucky kids who are accepted.

Not to mention the existence of Marya , Not only the host of the program, but the mother and girlfriend. Several times the presenter stood with the boys when they could not express themselves.

He spoke to them, defended them before the audience and the professors, but did not hesitate to return them in case of mistakes. Maybe this is the key of success For such a long-lived program.

friends It was an offer to launch many artists, both in category dance than that I sing. In the first we mention Anbeta Toromani, Leon Seno, Gabriel Esposito, Elena Damario, Giulia Bauzelli and Giulia Stabili.

To sing instead remember Marco Carta, Valerio Scanno, Irama, Gaya, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma Maroni and Federico Angelucci. These are just some of the names most associated with the TV show of Channel 5.

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What will happen in the first episode of Amici Evenings?

As in every edition, or at least in recent editions, all contenders have been divided into Three teams. I led Rudy Al-Zorbi and Alessandra Celentano, second of Lorella Kocarini And the Raimundo Todaro And the third team of Veronica Piparini and Anna Pettinelli.

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According to the latest rumours, everyone and you will be involved in the game and will face each other in a race to the last battle. There will be tensions not only between the contenders, but also between the masters themselves.

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We will then witness unexpected polls, which will lead to eliminate The dancer is very popular with the public. As for the The second disqualification We know nothing, as it will be announced live on TV.

Therefore, it is expected to be an evening full of duels and very heartfelt ballet which, once again, will allow us to determine the winner of the programme.

Friends in the evening, the teacher attacks Crytical hard

Rudy Al-Zorbi He confirmed, through a letter, that he said Critical It does not have the ability to run between different species.

For a singer, it is important to know how to diversify between different genres. Luigi has this ability while someone else (referring to Crytical ed) number”.

there PetinelliHowever, she did not consider the challenge that the show launched Zurbi Because his student is a rapper and therefore this ability is not required.

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Instead, the jury decided the zerby challenge was fair, and so his team got the point.