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The Ferris Wheel of Wonders is in Dubai – Ambient & Ambienti

Inauguration of Ain Dubai: 100% Italy Made Technology for the World’s Largest and Tallest Ferris Wheel from Nidec ASI

It is the largest, tallest and most elegant Ferris wheel in the world, and it can only appear in a city that wants to amaze the whole world with its ultra-sophisticated structures. It’s actually a Dubai, The capital of the United Arab Emirates, which was created in conjunction with the Dubai Expo 2020 Ain Dubai, Ferris wheel aims to revolutionize the concept of entertainment.

But what is interesting is that Ain Dubai speaks Italian: in fact, the Italian was entrusted with the general organization of the process and the relationship between the complexity of the service and users. Nidec ASI, Part of the Nidec Group’s Energy and Infrastructure division and among groups committed to revitalizing tourism in the name of innovation.

Technology and design in a future project

The idea and development of Ain Dubai, which stands on the magnificent island of Bluewaters not to be missed, has included the world’s best designers and partners, combining exclusivity, expertise and revolutionary excellence in engineering, technology and safety, to provide an entertainment experience capable of igniting the imagination of locals and tourists from all over the scientist.

The ‘extra large’ cabin on the Ain Dubai wheel can hold up to 1,750 people at a time

The ambitious Ain Dubai project, in line with this city’s penchant for building the world’s coolest and most fascinating attractions, reimagines the Ferris wheel experience, offering much more than a 360-degree view of Dubai with utmost comfort. In fact, Ain Dubai develops the concept of the wheel, turning it into Unique entertainment place in the world, able to provide extraordinary experiences for any kind of occasion. Ain Dubai is proud ofMore than 250 meters high – More than any other Ferris wheel in the world – 48 brightly lit luxury cabins are larger than two double decker buses side by side, and can Holds up to 1,750 people at a time. In its construction 11,200 tons of steel were used (+ 33% compared to the amount used in the Eiffel Tower).

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Made in Italy innovation

Specifically, Nidec ASI, which boasts more than 40 years at the highest levels in the design and development of industrial control and automation systems for cable transmission systems and its specialists from the Montebello Vicenino plants, participated in the development of the three basic components that make up the “heart” of the wheel.

In particular, as of the end of 2017, the group has been invited to fully implement wheel control system (ICS – Integrated Control System). The ICS, which can be considered the real “brain” of this attraction and is comparable to that used in the cable system, controls its entire movement, ensuring the highest global safety standards for the protection of people. The group also presented communication system Which uses the latest technology in terms of digital radio transmission: it acts as the “nervous system” of the wheel, connecting every component, from the motors to the interior cabins, and allowing the transmission of control and operating information. Nidec ASI technologies also ensure defense against cyber attacks, which can occur on a project like this, based on the adoption of advanced solutions in the field. The third element developed by Nidec ASI is the highly advanced multimedia system inside the cabins, which allows playing audio and video content and connecting passengers to the Internet, ensuring the best possible entertainment for people on board.

There are many experiences that can be done on board And customizable to any type of audience: ranging from the organization of special events, to participation in exclusive parties, from unique culinary paths, to the most family-friendly or the most romantic formulas, these experiences can be enriched by the dissemination of personalized multimedia content through the multimedia system.

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Ain Dubai is located on the beautiful Bluewaters Island

“Dubai It is not new that it surprises us with attractions unique in the world, and the Dubai Eye, a Ferris wheel of records, can only be built in this capital of wonders. We faced enormous challenges in achieving them, which required us to respect very high technological standards.” I have announced Dominic Lynch, CEO of Nidec ASI and President of Nidec Industrial Solutions.

Italian professionalism in the rest of the world

Eye of Dubai is part of the group’s experience that has played an essential role in more than 600 facilities located in every corner of the world, such as moscow cable car, It was inaugurated on the occasion of the last FIFA World Cup, which connects the Luzhniki Stadium with the observation point of Moscow State University, andunivia Faloria a Cortina d’AmpezzoWhich will bring tourists and lovers of winter sports at high altitudes on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in Milan – Cortina 2026.