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The expert speaks – Libero Quotidiano

The expert speaks – Libero Quotidiano

the Pizza Does it make you fat? It depends Metabolism. “Pizza contains, on average, 800 to 1,000 calories,” he explained. Corriere della Sera Paulo Accornero, A doctor specializing in geriatrics, psychotherapy and nutrition. For those who follow a low-calorie diet, the expert explained that the possibility of eating pizza is closely related to the metabolism process. “Whether you can eat pizza without gaining weight or not depends on people's basal metabolism and the amount of physical activity they do,” Dr. Accornero emphasized.

Foods that are cooked at very high temperatures, such as pizza, appear to have been pre-digested. Therefore, to digest it, our body will consume less energy and fewer calories. That's why pizza doesn't make you fat much if your metabolic capacity is good. Otherwise, it is a food to avoid if you do not want to accumulate fat. However, it is always better not to abuse it: ideally so once a week, Choose a light pizza, such as marinara or margherita.

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But the type of flour or dough has nothing to do with it: “With regard to the accumulation of fat, nothing changes – explained Paolo Accornero -. Carbohydrates are always 4 calories per gram. The problem depends on the degree of cooking: At 350 or 400 degrees“This is exactly the temperature at which the pizza dough is cooked in the oven, where all the sugar turns into sugar.”

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