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"The exchange makes me very happy"

“The exchange makes me very happy”

Rome Padelmania also accesses the pool. After talking about many sports from football, volleyball, dance and basketball, today it is the turn of swimming. Kiara PelacaniShe will be 20 years old on September 12 and a new winner, in the diving category, with five medals at the last European swimming championships held in Rome, including the gold in the 3-meter singles (most famous because the single and Olympic podiums, he accepted only. Tania Cagnotto in 2016 When he’s not in pool he enjoys playing the pool: “I have little free time because I train a lot – His words after the European Championship victories – But I happened to play the paddock a few times out of curiosity for this sport that amuses my father so much. Actually I found it very funny! I think it can become a competitive sport also in Italy.”.

countries and victories

Kiara, who lives in the United States, trains in Louisiana at Louisiana State University where she studies psychology and dives for tiger lady: “Currently, the variant is not generally widespread in the United States – Kiara’s words – It might be an excellent opportunity to promote it and make it popular in this country as well. Gold for Europeans? Winning a medal in the swimming pool where I grew up and in front of my family, friends and audience in Rome, is an indescribable emotion. I wanted to feel the support and affection of the whole audience, it gave me the responsibility to do well.”.

my mom

Passion for sports and alternative is a family tradition, so much so that the mother, Francesca de GiorgiShe was one of the first players to try her hand inside the cage: “I started playing the padel in September 2016, when very few in Italy knew what it was. My husband got me involved in insisting. I was so hesitant at first that one day he offered himself a bundle of 10 lessons and from there my love for Padel was born.”. A passion that is born in the family and continues to this day: “The strong point of the swing game is that it can be played by everyone and at any age – Francesca continues – At the amateur level, it is very complex and gives you the opportunity to have fun and get to know many people who share your desire to break away from the usual routine. My greatest friendship was born in the exchange. I am confident that it will grow as a sport and will be able to bring out young talent who will be able to compete at the highest levels.”

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