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"The epidemic is under control, but deaths are unacceptable"

“The epidemic is under control, but deaths are unacceptable”

“The epidemic is finally under control in many parts of the world due to effective vaccination campaigns, but Govt-19 continues to hit many countries hard. By the end of September, there were more than 50,000 deaths a day. Vaccine production. Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the 20th.

“The European Parliament has taken a number of concrete steps to dispel vaccine myths and provide guidelines for the identification of counterfeit messages on digital platforms. The message must be very clear to our fellow citizens. Vaccines are safe.

“We face two problems. In rich countries, vaccine levels are widely available, but a minority of our fellow citizens refuse to be vaccinated, or are reluctant to do so. In income-generating countries, the availability of vaccines is still low, and due to logistic problems, more than 5.7 billion doses are given worldwide, but 2% of these came from Africa.

“Parliaments can do a lot to support the global vaccination initiative. You can take steps to strengthen transparency mechanisms in the distribution of vaccines and prevent the wastage of public money on health services. You can support governments’ efforts against misinformation about vaccines,” he said. “You have monitored the work of governments and led the political conflict towards constructive solutions. You have mediated between the interests of youth and the elderly, workers and entrepreneurs. You have reached difficult compromises between freedom and security, profit and solidarity. You have fought for the rule of law and the progress of our communities.” You defended fundamental freedoms. ” “We have Parliament to thank for what they did – and for what they continue to do,” he stressed.

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“We must all work together for the sustainable recovery of the global economy and it will not leave anyone behind,” Drake said. ‘The OECD expects the global economy to grow by 5.7% this year and 4.5% by 2022. Still weak and inconsistent, due to the different intensity of economic policy responses to the crisis. Developed economies have been able to stimulate growth through very strong monetary and monetary policy measures.

“Poor and developing countries have less space to help their productive fabric. This economic disparity is one of the most economically vulnerable countries that will destroy many years of progress in the fight against poverty and global inequality,” he concluded.