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Montagna: Italia “uber alles”, è il Paese alpino per eccellenza

Italy “Uber Alice” is the country of the Alps par excellence

It is neither Germany nor France. It is neither Switzerland nor Austria.
that itItaly “the country of the Alps par excellence”. And to say it, we are not Italians, but one Study conducted by a German gym equipment supplier Munich, Keeler Sports, based on reliable sources, including the German Alpine Association German Alpine Club and the Official Alpine Convention, in addition to us Resigned, Italian Alpine Club.
The research analyzed data from five european countries Regarding sectors the landmarks of the city, subordinate natural views Based on mountain sports To find the best destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
And he concluded: For our country that It is the Italian Alps that offers the best infrastructure For a sports holiday dedicated to hiking, skiing and sports in Mountain.
“With the Alps – explains the meaning of the research Moritz Keller, co-founder and CEO of Keller Sports – the world’s most popular mountain sports area is practically close. Now that tourism in Alpine countries is once again open to guests, we want to help our customers find the best destination to spend their next active mountain vacation by searching for the alpine country par excellence.”
subordinate 298,128 square kilometers that make up the Alpine region 27.3% in Italian territory The study confirms that Italy can count on more than that 60,000 km of trails, made available 253 Shelter Mountain, 740 campsites NS 20,327 places to stay night. In addition, it rewards us with a Panorama, defined as “unparalleled”, thanks for the 217 peak from 3 thousand meters, The 38 that exceed 4 thousand Which 4 national parks Which belongs to the territory of the Italian Alps.
L ‘ItalyOut of a maximum of 30 points, he excels in height 26, BeforeAustria (23 points), and Swiss (20), The France (10) and the Germany (6). In various categories, our country is not only concentrated in the first place in terms of shelters Where do you rise to height 997 DoAustria, which can be based on the highest percentage of Alpine Territory (28.7%). A little, in this partial order, even Swiss (287 shelters), the country in which there is also the largest number (48) from Peaks over 4 thousand meters. Despite having the least (5.8%) of alpine land, according to the study, Germany is the country whose residents are most passionate about winter sports, hiking, mountaineering and mountaineering.

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