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EU vaccine dispute: Austria raises pressure


Updated March 8, 2021 at 8:06 p.m.

  • It is unfair that Austria and the other five countries are distributing vaccines within the EU.
  • The Alpine Republic now threatens to block the EU from ordering 100 million vaccine doses if it does not receive a large share from an initial supply.
  • Sebastian Kurs’ government denies threatening gestures and speaks “false information.”

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The dispute between EU countries over the shortage of corona vaccines is still unresolved. Austria The “Politico” portal said on Tuesday that it had threatened to block the 100 million dose of the vaccine from Biotech / Pfizer if an additional dose was not available. An EU ambassador confirmed the threat to a German newspaper. However, the government in Vienna immediately denied the allegations: “The Politico report is based on misinformation,” the Federal Chancellor said. “We support the Portuguese president in finding a quick solution.”

Austria and five other countries complain that the vaccines are being unfairly distributed in 27 EU countries. Basically, the division is based on population size. However, if a country does not like or fully wants its share, other EU countries can buy the levels.

Austria wants a major role in early biotech distribution

Some governments have specifically bet on AstraZeneca, which is now lagging behind due to supply issues. Austria ordered less than agreed from Johnson & Johnson, so fears breaks.

With ten million Vaccine dose of Biotech/ Pfizer plans to insert some holes in the second quarter. This is an initial distribution from the allocation of 100 million cans, for which the EU has an option, which should actually come only in the second half of the year.

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Now it is time to implement the contract option and distribute the initial group. The latter has been controversial for several weeks in the EU. EU ambassadors expect a solution again on Wednesday. It said the Portuguese president was preparing a plan.

The Federal Chancellor talks about “misinformation”

In addition to Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic expect additional vaccine levels. Together with these countries, Austria hoped to find a speedy solution to the distribution of ten million cans, so that it could act quickly on the contract for an additional 100 million cans of Pfizer, said a government representative Ween.

The Federal Chancellor drops the report on threatening gestures Request from “Der Standard” To deny. “This report is based on misinformation. We are helping to find a quick solution to the Portuguese presidency,” he said. (Center / dpa)

Scientists are skeptical as to why the astrogenic vaccine can cause thrombosis in rare cases. It’s about a vaccine – induced mechanism.


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