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Netflix, one of the most requested features of all time, is finally available

More updates on Netflix. One of the most requested features on Android is about to be released

One of the most requested features is access to Netflix (Getty Images)

Recently, the team Netflix It strives to provide its users with a service that is increasingly modern and in keeping with the times. There is clearly no shortage of news at the level movies and tv series, The real highlight of the podium. But also the in-house and app-related features and website.

In this particular regard, in the past few hours, we have started talking about a feature that is also arriving on Android after a long wait. We are talking about “play something”Designed for hesitant people who never know what they are watching. By clicking the button, it will start autoplaying a movie or TV series are in the catalog.

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Netflix, How Play Something Works: It’s also on Android

Play Something finally joins the Android world (Getty Images)

last April, Netflix The new feature has been officially released play something for its platform. A great feature, which gives a big hand to those who are undecided. complain a lot android users However, they had to wait a long time before they could take advantage of it. As of today, Reed Hastings . has released The long-awaited update.

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Its operation is actually quite simple. An icon will appear that gives an idea of ​​the content play shuffle. By clicking on it, the application itself will start a random movie or TV series. Then there is the possibility to continue or stop and look, as well as save everything in the list and then continue Later.

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