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The arrival of salaries of 124, 96 and 190 euros: a joy for the workers

The arrival of salaries of 124, 96 and 190 euros: a joy for the workers

Which workers will receive wage increases of 124, 96 and 190 euros? A long-awaited surprise is now being prepared, so let's see who will benefit from it.

Pay slips will be changed in 2024 for all workers but only for some there will be additional increases of up to €190. So, a richer year, let's see what variables will affect salaries.

Wage increases of up to 190 euros for whom? (

The workers' wage statement for 2024 reflects the interventions in tax and social security matters decided by the budget law issued last December 31. Various measures enable higher wages starting with lowering the tax wedge. The maneuver extended the contribution relief at a lower rate of 7 points for employees with gross income of less than €1,923 and 6 points for those with gross taxable income of up to €2,692. We are talking about an increase of between 90 and 108 euros.

Another change that affects the payment voucher is the merging of the first two IRPEF brackets. The second tranche is abolished, and for income up to 28 thousand euros, a rate of 23% is set, just as for income up to 15 thousand euros. Salary increases (approximately €20) will be noted on salary over approximately €1,200. In addition to these innovations that are of interest to any category of workers, there is only targeted intervention For teachers, ATA and school administrative staff.

News related to wage increases in the school sector

After the renewal of the National Collective Labor Agreement for the education and research sector, about 1,300,000 workers in schools and universities will receive an increase in their salaries. The contract refers to the three-year period 2019/2021 but the provisions start from January 19, 2024.

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School sector there are increases in the salary slip (

The increases will be equal to 124 euros for teachers, 96 euros for ATA employees and others €190 for general and administrative services managers. The aim is to show appreciation – according to the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Vaditara – to school employees by adopting a worker appreciation policy. The resources that financed the increases amounted to 300 million euros.

The agreement contains another important innovation in addition to higher pay packages for teachers, ATA and administrative staff. Temporary workers – substitute teachers and ATA – will also be rewarded with recognition Three days of paid leave For family or personal reasons. We then point to more relevant innovations, namely the introduction and regulation of flexible working as well as the creation of a new professional system for auxiliary, technical and administrative staff in schools as well as in universities, academies and conservatories.