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The appeal against Uber was also upheld

The appeal against Uber was also upheld

Passengers are not only entitled to water, mineral salts and sunscreen to protect themselves from the heat, but they are also entitled to a specific assessment of the risk of exposure to heat waves during working hours. The Palermo court ordered that the urgent appeal of Uber rider Dario Destasso be accepted, assisted by lawyers Nedel Siegel Giorgia Lo Monaco, Matildi Pedetti and Carlo de Marques Gomez.

Judge Giuseppe Tango’s decision takes into account working conditions in the summer, which the rider translates into long hours on a bicycle or motorbike even under the scorching sun to deliver orders home. The provision resulting from the same needs and requests submitted thereafter The appeal was won on August 3 by the Glovo rider from Palermoor the supply of safety devices to deal with high temperatures, introduces new items compared to the one ordered by Palermo judge Elvira Majolino to supply sunscreen, mineral salts and water.

An important novelty, according to the mayor, “is in effect the judgment that Uber-Eats implement (according to Section 17 and 28 Legislative Decree 81/08) a specific assessment of the risk of exposure to heat waves and the subsequent measures necessary to protect rider safety, safety training and prevention of occupational hazards With this sentence, in effect, the labor judge requested that the risk assessment document (Dvr) be amended, introducing what the company should do in the event of a danger associated with high temperatures and providing special training.

“This means – explained Andrea Gattuso, General Secretary Nedel Sigil Palermo, Fabio Pace of Nedel and Felt Sigil Palermo – that the scope of the action, once the company’s Risk Assessment Document (DVR) is amended, will be broad: it will invest the entire mail fleet of the American delivery giant. In addition to Therefore, the judge obliges Uber to conduct passenger safety training, on the risks related to delivery activity that involves physical exertion with prolonged exposure to heat waves and sunlight.”

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“This ordinance – Gatttuso and Pace continued – is the thousandth affirmation that the Uniform Law on Safety must be fully applied to workers such as riders who are classified as independent. It goes in the direction that our trade union organization has always indicated, of the need to ensure the protection of the health and safety of workers exposed to , because of the kind of work done, to very serious risks for often very little wages.”

The sentence that constitutes another step forward for the entire jockey sector. “Together with the previous law – concluded by unionists – the decree obliges both delivery companies and politics participating in the electoral competition to working conditions for riders who actually have very few rights and precarious contracts, and paid a few euros per delivery, increasing sales to billionaires to multinational delivery companies in our country.”