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Diet before Christmas?  Just follow this secret, and you will lose 3 kg in 7 days

Diet before Christmas? Just follow this secret, and you will lose 3 kg in 7 days

Want to arrive at Christmas deflated and fit? Try this foolproof diet: you can lose up to 3 kg in just 7 days.

Christmas presents us with a great challenge: eat as much as possible! It’s really hard to stick to a diet and regimen during this magical time of the year, when any excuse is a good one to enjoy some delicious food. Between homemade desserts, bought from markets or given as gifts from friends and relatives, the abundant dinners and lunches, panettone, nougat… in short, it is not possible to choose a salad. But how do you prepare for all this?

The best way to prepare and prepare for the big Christmas bouts is to be as fit and fit as possible. If we start weighing ourselves too early, we won’t make it to Boxing Day! It’s time to try one Fast and guaranteed diet Which will allow you to lose up to 3 kg in just seven days, and above all it will deflate, removing those extra kilos and preparing you for Christmas. Here’s how to follow it and why it really works.

Diet to arrive deflated and flat for Christmas: 3 kilos in 7 days without excessive sacrifices

This diet is specifically designed to be carried out for a short period, a maximum of 7 days, and is therefore not a balanced diet that can be continued over time. You will be able to follow it Emptying and eliminating fluidsdrain the excess belly and flatten it to get in shape for Christmas, but then you will have to choose a more balanced way to lose weight with truly lasting and effective results.

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Christmas, stay fit with this diet –

never b drink a lot of waterWhich is something you should never underestimate when you’re trying to lose weight and slim down. Proper hydration is essential in your weight loss journey, and for your overall health. It will also make your skin softer, silkier and more beautiful. Example of a full day a week:

A cup of unsweetened tea and two toasts

1 seasonal fruit

60 grams of white rice with vegetables seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

1 fruit or plain low-fat yogurt

Marinated cooked or raw vegetables, raw and baked blue fish

You can make all the shapes you want, the important thing is to keep the quantities small, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits regularly, and also prefer fish to meat or cheese. Avoid packaged snacks, snacks and sweets.