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Temperature, a big overturn instant! We explain what will happen soon

Weather: Temperature, a big turn instant! We explain what will happen soon

A big temperature twist is comingThings are changing at the forefront of the atmosphere, especially, A big twist is coming in terms of temperature. The weather data we have confirms this, an update that came out a while ago.

Although Italy is currently affected by a moderate sector High pressure, Which is already beginning to show the first signs of fatigue. Here from the west Moderate and humid Atlantic flow Powered by a deep hurricane, Currently located in the open ocean. Changing fortunes will be the latter Not just time, but About the climate of our country e You will already notice the first obvious symptoms in the next 24/48 hours.
So that would be a turning point! So we usually go from winter weather to absolutely autumn weather, Even though Temperature They are not destined to change into a completely identical form in our country. In some areas, in fact, there will be a very clear increase, while in others the rise will contain a little more.

But let’s go properly. Winds from the southwest quarterly will generally cause a general rise in temperature between Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th., Especially on Awareness. The first increase will be recorded South And in part Center. In the southern regions, thanks to the cloudless sky, the Temperature The peaks already touch the nearest peaks 15/16 C Especially in between Calabria e Sicily, When they are slightly lower than the center, with 13 ° C Will be provided inside Florence e 14 C in Rome.
Rather less obvious differences occur in the north, especially on வால்பதன, In addition to the high gray atmosphere, the cold air pockets that are forming in recent days will maintain the cooler climate. In the north, however, the heat increase will begin to be felt especially at night, thanks to the increasingly closed skies, which will not allow the heat stored during the day to easily dissipate towards the free atmosphere.

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But it will be in the following days and in this case Sunday 26 And the beginning Next week The most significant increase will be recorded, again especially in the extreme southern regions, as Sicily And this Calabria, Mercury columns, under pressure Light Cherokee breeze, They rise until they almost reach the peaks 20 C; Respectable values ​​at the center, with peaks 14/16 C In many regions.
The North, on the other hand, will continue to be an exception, where temperature rise will be stable and maximum values ​​will not rise above the 6/7 C range, except in coastal areas. You can touch the slightly higher peaks there.

For more information on expected values ​​in various cities and regions of Italy, we invite you to download and consult ours APP Ufficale.