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“Italian economy grows faster than other EU countries”


“I Our goal is to build a Europe where it is convenient to invest and do business.This also means abandoning the logic of excessive regulation that has in recent years made the regulatory framework a bureaucratic and administrative jungle and ended up limiting the competitiveness of our companies rather than enhancing it.” Prime Minister Georgia MeloniThis is in a section of his message to the annual meeting of the National Association of Insurance Companies.

“It is a critical challenge, but it is within our reach and we can win it if we continue to play as a team and work together to defend our national interest,” the prime minister said.

“The Italian economy – continues Meloni – is growing more than other European countries, despite the slowdown in the global economy and the delicate international situation. National macroeconomic data are positive and the trend of some indicators, from employment growth to increased investments, are important signs of confidence in the future of our economy.”

“The government – the Prime Minister stresses – is determined to strengthen these signals, to give them continuity. We intend to do so with the same vision that has guided our work during this year and a half, which has proven to have great results: it is not the state that creates wealth and jobs, it is up to companies and their workers to do so, but it is the state’s duty to build the best possible environment for those who do business.”

“It is this approach that has inspired the government’s work so far and which has found concrete embodiment in many of the measures adopted. I refer, for example, to the decision to strengthen the contribution of insurance companies to the management of damages from natural disasters and the consequent redesign of the support and protection framework for companies and citizens. This is the path we intend to continue to follow in the future, also at European level.

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