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Tax return in 2024, here are the new tax rules

Tax return in 2024, here are the new tax rules

Cosenza – The Meloni government has launched a new legal decree on tax matters that provides for several changes in 2024. Even those with a VAT number will be able to use the tax number Pre-filled tax returnwhile for the 730 model available for employees, retirees and for Irpef reimbursement, there will be some additional possibilities.

First of all, the returns must be submitted before Monday, September 30, 2024Balances can be paid in installments Until December 16. Moreover, the revenue agency will not be able to send communications in either August or December.

Tax return and VAT numbers in 2024

The decree stipulates VAT figures, which in 2024 will be able to use the pre-compiled income statement. It remains to be seen whether it will be beneficial to adhere to this model. In any case, the deadline for filing a tax return will change: it will be September 30, 2024, and not November 30 as in previous years for VAT figures.

As for employees any Retirees Which is provided Model 730It will become possible to verify the data collected by the Revenue Agency before submitting the return. More detailed instructions for accessing this data will arrive during 2024. Also in 2024, all natural persons who do not have a VAT number will be able to use Form 730, for any type of income and there will be no obligation to use the Personal Income (or PF Income) form. in some cases . The application deadline remains September 30, 2024.

Irpef refunds or balance payment

For Irpef refunds, those with employment income will be able to ask the Revenue Agency to disburse the money directly, rather than through the company (and therefore from a salary slip). However, if you don't have to get a refund, but pay the Irpef balance, you can still do this without going through the company (which usually withholds the difference from your salary) but by paying using Form F24. To pay the F24 form, it is also possible to use PagoPA, the same platform that allows you to pay the Public Administration in other situations. You can make the payment online, or contact your bank or post offices. Again, with regard to paying the balance and the first income payment, the payment may be divided into several installments, and the payments may be hiring (Previously there were six.) The payment deadline is December 16, 2024. The same deadlines will also apply to those with a VAT number.

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