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Robert Kiyosaki predicted the collapse of the US financial system

Robert Kiyosaki predicted the collapse of the US financial system

Stressing the importance of financial education and preparation, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki expressed his concerns about America's current financial system and social structures in a YouTube video titled “”Robert Kiyosaki exposes the system that keeps you poor and America's decline“.

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In the video, interviewer Rob Moore asks Kiyosaki, “Is the monetary system rigged?” he asked. Kiyosaki replied, “You want to get me in trouble, don't you?”

He then elaborated, “We are now at the end of an empire. This is the end; This is the end of it, and all empires will ever end.”

He provided historical examples to support his point, citing the Roman and Greek empires and noting that early Chinese civilizations were the first to use paper money. Kiyosaki concludes by saying that what we are witnessing today is similar to the end of the American Empire, a period fraught with danger.

He talked about the change that occurred in 1964 when US currencies changed composition, marking the transition from backed money to fiat money, which he associated with the decline of empires.

Kiyosaki emphasized the need for financial literacy and preparation, urging the audience to consider the implications of the points he made. He expressed concern about wealth inequality and its potential consequences: “We see what the end of the empire will be if we don't address these issues.” Kiyosaki did not predict doom, but emphasized the importance of financial vigilance and flexibility in uncertain times.

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He maintained a balanced approach throughout the video, avoiding sensationalism and cautionary rhetoric. Instead, Kiyosaki asked the audience to think about future economic challenges and strategies to protect their financial future.

Kiyosaki focused on the role of debt in wealth creation, contrasting the perspectives of ordinary people with those of real estate investors like himself and former President Donald Trump. He highlighted how debt leverage makes it easier for some to accumulate wealth, while others struggle to stick to traditional financial advice.

Addressing global issues, Kiyosaki reflected on geopolitical tensions and changes in the global economic landscape, including the rise of China and the potential consequences of the United States losing its status as a dominant economic power.

The video features Kiyosaki's stories and comments on topics ranging from sports to politics. Kiyosaki emphasized the importance of understanding the dynamic nature of money and investing in assets such as gold and silver rather than relying solely on fiat currency.