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Bonus crisi

Bonus for the crisis, after 200 euros comes from 1350 euros: how to get it

In the face of the crisis, the government is working to provide all possible types of cars. Like the new 1,350 euros that arrive after paying 200 euros for certain categories. What is the reward for this crisis?

Crisis Reward –

The September 25th is coming soon And there are many changes that Italians expect. The raging crisis and inflation caused families to lose any purchasing power. Most categories of people who have benefited from the €200 bonus are now waiting for clarifications: it will be extended for September and October?

Italian families would like more help from the outgoing government and a family bonus of 1,350 euros will come to the table. To whom are you referring?

€200 bonus: is it also extended for October?

The latest news from the media is particularly interesting, in fact until the following news September 30 It is possible to apply for a bonus of €200 for domestic servants – domestic helpers – carers and other categories of interest. Instead, the October deadline has been set aside for all workers to apply to INPS always to receive the €200 mentioned above. The categories of interest in this case are:

  • Self-employed without VAT
  • seasonal workers
  • collaborators.
  • Subjects registered with the bodies administering compulsory forms of social security and assistance
  • Workers registered with the Leisure Workers Pension Fund
  • Self-employed and INPS-registered professionals
Increase money and rewards
Increase money and rewards-

Also in October, automatically and without placing any order, they will receive €200 All new categories of beneficiaries as per the text of the Bis Aid Ordinance with Naspi – Dis Coll Unemployment Holders:

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  • Unstable previously excluded
  • Athletic Collaborators
  • People who were not able to take advantage of the relief by June 23 (if they are on maternity leave or layoffs).

Reward for the crisis, up to 1350 on the account

For those who did not receive the reward from €200As we’ve seen, there is some good news. Not only that, it means that salaries are expected to increase by 200 euros without taxes, which will be added to further increases amounting to a bonus for a crisis of 1350.00 euros.

shake hand

The aforementioned increase should be understood as extreme, precisely because some groups of people will be able to receive aid on top of salaries and raises. To clarify:

  • €200 bonus which has been extended for the months of September and October
  • reward from 550 EUR For part-time workers
  • reward from 600 EUR Relating to exemption from social welfare tax

The first of 550 is a new measure launched only for workers who have a regular part-time work contract and who are not receiving any other income. Application The award must be submitted to INPS.

Reward against crisis
Anti-crisis bonus-

The potential increase of 600 EUR It is granted through welfare tax deduction with this amount saved as petrol vouchers – supplemental health assistance and even meal vouchers.