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Susie: ArianeGroup’s reusable orbiter

Susie: ArianeGroup’s reusable orbiter

Souzy is the vehicle designed to carry astronauts and cargo into space. Its main goal is to ensureSpatial independence of Europe. The spacecraft is built with advanced technologies that allow for a safe return from orbit after each mission.

Its characteristics were demonstrated during the recent World Astronautical Congress, which was held in Paris. It is a major breakthrough in the field Space researchthanks to which it will be possible to travel for a longer period and with greater frequency than today.

A look at the spatial independence of Europe

Europe is increasingly taking its spatial destiny into its own hands. Proof of this is the latest project presented by the ArianeGroup during the recent World Astronautical Congress: un orbital vehicle Reusable, known as SUSIE (Space Facilities System for Independent Exploration). This ship would be able to carry men and even cargo International Space Station (ISS) It is a major step towards the independence and sustainability of European space missions. There is no doubt that this innovation will radically change Europe’s deep space capabilities, making it possible to reach hitherto inaccessible destinations and discovering new territories to explore. However, many challenges still need to be addressed before our astronauts can actually fly aboard Susie in deep space.

Susie’s impact on the future of space exploration will undoubtedly be profound. By launching the capsule, Europe will be able to get a real capsule spatial independence to fly in space independently. Europeans will no longer have to rely on cars supplied from abroad, which represents a major change and shows the will to achieve important technological and economic goals. over there capsule missile It will be part of an important infrastructure, which will allow European missions to be safer and more efficient. Thanks to this innovative project, not only will the time and expense required to launch missions be reduced, but more data about the universe that can be used by researchers around the world will also be obtained. It is certainly exciting to strengthen European presence in space With this amazing adventure!

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World Astronautical Congress

event held World Astronautical Congress It has enabled experts to collaborate more effectively and efficiently in developing new space technologies and strategies that can accelerate the growth of this sector. during the conference, Aryan group Submit the project SUSIE – Developed short space infrastructure for Europe With the primary objective of providing EU Member States with a wide range of autonomous space assets and services.

The program also aims to create an orbital vehicle Reusable It can carry astronauts and cargo to orbit. In addition, the goal was to obtain the maximum possible autonomy for future European space operations. The conference was therefore instrumental in laying the foundations for European independence in space, as well as in establishing a fertile ground for the development of space rockets. After all, the SOSI is a reusable vehicle that can carry astronauts and cargo into orbit with the highest level of efficiency and reliability with the goal of making manned interplanetary missions possible. regular trips to the moon orbital stations and robotic missions to Mars.

Hermes bankruptcy and capsule early 2000s

Long before Europe began looking for a way to achieve its independence in space, the European Space Agency twice attempted to launch autonomous spacecraft, but both failed. It was the first test Hermes programme in the late 1990s, which attempted to send an autonomous vehicle into orbit. Unfortunately, the Ariane 5 launcher caught fire during the test mission. After Hermes, the European Space Agency sent another project called capsule In the early 2000s: This program still involved a flight around the Earth and was destined to become a turning point for manned missions in the future. However, this project was too Declined for various technical reasons And cheap. The biggest mistake these processes make is the inflexibility of the project and expectations. The means identified by the program were too complex to manage and too expensive to finance appropriately.

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SUSIE was specifically designed to avoid these problems, and so it is safe to assume that it will be a lasting success in the history of European space exploration. The prospect of spatial independence for Europe is more real than ever with the introduction of SUSIE. This modular system is flexible, inexpensive, and capable of short-term space missions. Therefore, new possibilities open up for Europe for scientific research and applications useful to society. This would lead to a promising future with continuous technological innovations, improvements to existing infrastructure and initiatives that would help enhance Europe’s position in the global space sector. Together, we can turn our aspirations into reality!