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Red alert for Big Brother Vip: The press release is too heavy for the competitors

Red alert for Big Brother Vip: The press release is too heavy for the competitors

Alfonso Signorini-Lineadiretta24- Source: GFVip screenshot

The problems continue in Big Brother Vip, as it seems the competitors haven’t learned their lesson. Unexpected ad arrival

This edition of Big Brother VIP She will be remembered for the quarrels, problems and conflicts that she raised from the very beginning. From Bellavia case A competitor who dropped out due to a misunderstanding with his roommates who ignored him and even made fun of him in a moment of serious emotional difficulty. Which led to his expulsion Geneva Lamborghini And to the TV flash John Ciachi.

But after this bad page, other behaviors appeared that were not tolerated and caused consequences. For example eliminate after another tv flash by Elenoire Ferruzzi, Guilty of offensive attitudes and awful words against Nikita Pelizon.

After being accused of “bringing bad luck”, she spat on the floor as she died. This last episode was the final straw. People grew up on the web and are authors Big Brother VIP They can’t ignore it. And they took action.

What happens to the VIP Big Brother

New measures are also expected for other events of always interest Nikita Pelizon. since entering Luca Onestini Beautiful moving things have changed and in the last few days it has definitely subsided. The two were very close at first, but then he hit the brakes He accuses her of cheating about their relationship, and thus they almost started smear campaign In regards.

None of the other challengers joined in, effectively driving a crack in the House. But this time the people of the web do not want to let anyone who behaves in an unworthy way get away with it, and they have collected videos as evidence of what is happening by sending them to a sister Nikita.

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24- Nikita Pelizon – Lenederita

Press release

And if a week ago Nikita staff He made it known via his Instagram profile: “The defamation and crimes continue, and the words used against Nikita cross all boundaries. This is no longer a gameNow we proceed differently. We waited so long, we were so calm.” Things are about to change.

2 days ago, a new message appeared in the profile: “I inform you that thanks to your reports and protests, Nikita’s lawyer Today the production sent out a firm statement protesting the defamatory treatment of Nikita by some of the contestants. I will inform you of relative developments, Julia.” We are waiting for new developments.