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Superbike, surprise Redding: 'I dream of a cycling team in 2022'

Superbike, surprise Redding: ‘I dream of a cycling team in 2022’

The Ducati rider opens up about the possibility of competing on a bike, without giving up on motorcycles: “I’d like to race in Europe in three or four years.” Compared to Alex, he has no doubts: “He is stronger in climbing, but I will win at short distances.”

First, the attack on the Superbike title, then the space for 2022 that promises to be intense for Scott Redding. However, for him, there will be not only a BMW challenge: in fact, the 1993 English class dreams of becoming increasingly involved in the world of cycling, starting with the creation of his own team. The idea was born and developed during the intense workouts you were going through. Moreover, they may also have contributed 370 km by bike from Jerez to Portimão A few weeks ago.


Redding’s passion for cycling is blatant, but Scott wants to devote more space in his routine to the sport, he admitted in an interview with Motorsport Total: “I would like to do more in the coming years to take a step towards professionalism. I am working on building a team for 2022. The team should consist of six riders and I will be one of them. I would like to race in Europe in three or three. four years.” But how do we make love of the bike coincide with work? Scott explains, “I spoke to my boss about it and he said I can do both sports. I can race the World Superbike, that’s my main source of income. I’ve worked for this all my life. But at the same time, I can compete on the bike when I get back to the home “.

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Redding has very clear thoughts on the chances of becoming a champion too in cycling: “I know it is very difficult to reach a high level. Weight is 80 kg. I have a lot of strength, but I will not beat a very weak opponent in the mountains. I love climbing. In Winter I always train at high altitude. But with my weight I have no chance against a lighter competitor. Perhaps, on normal roads, I can keep up. Fortunately, most races in the UK are not particularly difficult to climb.”

the challenge

Redding isn’t the only rider to wink at professional cycling. Moreover Alex Espargaro was tempted to switch to non-motorized wheels . How will the challenge between a Ducati rider and teammate Aprilia on a bike end? Scott has no doubt: “Alex would definitely win the mountain stages. But even in the time trials he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. He’s really cool. I’ve never ridden with him. I would probably win a short race, but he would probably have distances ahead of him. long “. Who knows if there is a chance of a real challenge between the two.